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Electrolux Kettle 2400W 1.7L Digital Heat Stainless

4 pre-installed settings: green tea (80 ?C), white tea (85 ?C), oolong (90 ?C), coffee (95 ?C), warm-keeping function, instant

Tefal Kettle Delfini 2400W 1.5L White

Enjoy hot beverages any time you wish with Tefal Delfini Kettle 1,5L Nicely designed and modern kettle for all your

Tefal Kettle Good Value 1.7L 2400W Stainless Steel

Useful product line with stainless steel touch. All you need for breakfast! Stainless steel kettle that is easy to clean

Tefal Kettle Good Value 2400W 1.7L Stainless Steel

Making a hot drink to wake up and to relax just got easier thanks to the Tefal 2400W Electric Kettle

Tefal Kettle Justine 1.7L 2400W

A 1,7L kettle with all you need to prepare delicious hot beverages The simplest way to enjoy hot beverages at

Tefal Kettle Travel City 2 0.5L Dual Voltage

Tefal Travel’City kettle 0.5L – Plastic – KO1201 Choose this ultra compact kettle to have winthin reach your favorite hot