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Tristar Coffee maker 1.5 litres, 1000 W, Black

The Tristar CM-1249 Coffee Maker is a practical and stylish coffee maker. With a volume of 1.5 litres, you can

Tristar Mini chopper 150 watts black

The compact 150 watt Tristar BL-4021 Mini Chopper is suitable for chopping up nuts, fruit and vegetables. Why would you

Tristar Multi Function Food processor 600 Watts

Make cooking even more fun by having the Tristar MX-4823 Food Processor take over all chopping and slicing tasks. This

Tristar Professional Blender 850 Watts, 6 Blades, Stainless Steel

Make your own delicious smoothies and shakes with this high power (850W) blender. Finished in elegant stainless steel and with

Tristar Slow juicer

The Tristar SC-2292 slowly extracts juice from fresh fruits and vegetables whereby all vitamins and nutrients are preserved. This slow

Tristar Citrus juicer, 25 Watts, Black

Tristar Citrus juicer, 25 Watts, Black Easy to use citrus juicer for delicious homemade juice. The small cone squeezes juice