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Tefal Body up 8 memories

Track your body composition with total easeFollow your body composition easily with the Tefal Body Up Body Fat Scale. With

Tefal Classic silver

Tefal Classic scale: Convenient simplicity Offering efficient simplicity in a stunning design, Tefal Classic is the convenient digital bathroom scale

Tefal Origins, 31x31cm, Up 160Kg, AAA Bateries

Tefal Bathroom Scale Automatic start Capacity: 160kg Graduation: 100 grams Weighing platform: Tempered glass ? Battery type: AAA Size :

Tristar Foot Spa With Vibrate And Foot Massage And Jacuzzi

It?s not necessary anymore to go to a spa to pamper your feet. With the Tristar VB-2528 foot-bath you can